If we can’t Believe, we can’t See – If on the other hand we can Believe……

Apparently this is what happened with the Spanish Armada ships as they arrived on the shores of America – The natives could feel something, but they could not actually see the ships – The ships were not a part of what they believed reality to consist of, therefore they could not be picked up by their five senses – It took a Shaman to be able to tune onto and ultimately see the ships, by opening up to this ‘new reality’ – Not the best new reality for them, for sure, but thats not to say that this cannot work the other way for us….

Another example – My mother in law, just the other day was looking for the orange dishcloth in her kitchen – I had, that morning put it in the washing machine and replaced it with a blue dishcloth – It was sitting clearly in the middle of the work surface, right in front of her, but my mother in law could not see it – She was looking for the orange cloth, she didn’t believe it was blue, so she couldn’t see it at all

I have seen this on TV too – A girl was on an obstacle course, where part of it involved jumping from a platform to a red pole – The girl reached the platform and said repeatedly ‘Where’s the yellow pole?’ – She could not see the red pole because she believed it was yellow – She just jumped straight off the platform to the ground, much to the amusement of the presenter of the program

Does this mean that everything really is in existence all around ourselves, with the part that we experience just being the part that we believe in? – So, if we believe in more, we open up to more, right? – and that is exactly how we are making this Shift in Consciousness at this time – All it takes is for us to open up to more than we have believed reality to be, that really is it – To open up and say, maybe, just maybe we can live upon this planet in a peaceful harmonious way – and then just see what appears…

Interestingly, I have just noticed that in both of the above cases, the colours were opposite to each other – Maybe that is what is happening now – We may believe reality to be something, when it could in fact be the complete opposite – Opening up from a view that our world is war torn and struggling – to the new world that is peaceful and abundant

‘magic eye / / I have been tagged’ CC image courtesy of SnaPsi Сталкер on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/snapsi42/


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