With Faith you can Swing through Life like Tarzan – and what an Amazing Adventure it becomes!

Faith in our own ability to keep hold of the guiding divine energy as we make our movement from one stage into the next – Faith to let go of what is no longer serving us – and of course faith that the next support is already waiting for us – Faith in our abilities to live in this non-attached way – Faith that even if we do accidently let go and fall, we will be able to pick ourselves up again and catch the next vine

You may find yourself thinking – ‘What the hell am I doing!?! I could fall at any moment’ – Which is true, you could, but there is a way that will hold your hand to that vine like superglue – and that is the way of the one who wishes to bring forth the new consciousness – The one who puts this over and above pretty much everything else – The one who is a force for change here is the one of who cared for and held dearly – Mother Earth is well aware of who is her beneficiary here, if she wants to keep you here, doing your work, then she is more than capable of doing so – Time and time again you will find yourself supported on your path, able to carry on with your most precious work

‘Rope Swing’ CC image courtesy of elbyincali on Fickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffields/


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