End of The World? Planetary Revolution? – Is this all actually happening?

I used to feel a bit like the ‘The end of the world is nigh’ man – I thought, dear lord, this has been going on for ages, are we all just as deluded as the nutter who walked around with that painted on his sandwich board? – Is it a type of mental illness that sees the world in this way? – Sometimes I wish I could just get on with my life with the feeling that all is well in the world – but this I found to be impossible

So, if what we believe we create, is it then bad to believe that our planet is being damaged? – I look at other people who do not seem to spend too much of their time thinking about this, they seem happy, unburdened by this belief – What if I have fallen for some trick, or I am suffering some level of mental illness that likes to concern itself with the condition of our planet in this way?

Or, is it this fear that moves us into creating? – These days there is a much greater percentage of my being that does not believe in the downfall that has been prophesized by so many – I feel that it could just be a threat, a conjuring up of what might happen if we do not expand our consciousness at this time – If so, then surly it serves the same purpose, whether it manifests or not – Often the same beings that are making this statement of our imminent downfall are also telling us that what we believe creates our reality – Maybe this is the test, to see just how much we are able to move on from our fears into creating a new way of being here, for all to benefit from

So is this revolution really happening? – There have always been revolutions, always people who wish to rise up above control, inequality, abuse – There have always been ‘movements’ people who see a ‘better’ way – So it can be really easy to think that what we are presently going though is just the same – Which is true on many levels, only there are some major differences this time – Never before has a movement been so widespread, at a planetary scale – Never before has there been such a risk to our planet if we do not make this change – Never before have we had this level of information, about the nature of reality about our inherent powers of creation – Never before have we been able to get in contact with the far reaches of this planet instantly and with such ease – to share what we are learning, to search for more learning – to see just what a hold this movement has already taken here

So, it is true to say that we are in very special times – We are being handed a choice at this time – To take our current situation and transform it, or face the consequences! – Nothing happens by chance, the risk to our planet is the driving force that is creating our planetary revolution – The end of our world as we know it and the creating of a new world as we will come to know it

‘Earth’ CC image courtesy of Tim Kwee on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/pegazuz66/


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