Tricks of the Trade of the 5D Being

The ability to say ‘No’

No, that is not right for me, no I won’t support that, no I will not bend to your will – Funnily enough, this may be one of the greatest abilities we have in making this change at this time – There is so much pressure, fear and judgment trying to ‘keep us in a certain way of being’ in The 3D way of being – To break free from this we must get good at saying no – No need to be rude, although there may be times when you want to scream NO!!!!!! – Know that you will be supported in this action, that there are greater forces that want Humanity to start saying no to what is not in alignment with their deepest truth – Our ability to say no to the 3D, allows for us to open up and say yes to the 5D – such is the nature of the movement we are currently making

An inability to be anything other than themselves

Even if that means they are judged as a bit of a twat, as inappropriate, or even mad! – The 5D being finds it very difficult to pretend anything – If they are going through a difficult time, they will not pretend that everything is fine and dandy – If they feel like they are an Earth Angel, they will live as one – If they know that they are a bringer of this change, then change is what they will be bringing!

To be able to embody our 5D selves, we must allow our authentic selves to shine through, whatever that means – In this way we align to our deepest truth, we become strong in ourselves as there is no harmonic dissonance vibrating within, taking us in all manner of direction, dispersing our precious energy

The ability to laugh!

Although there will most likely be times when this is the last thing you feel like doing, on this journey of awakening – Something that hurts and offends and creates quite a level of fear – is transformed into something small, that we can laugh at, as we are able see the bigger picture of it all – And this, for me, is one of the greatest blessings of all at this time – Laughter is such a beautiful high frequency that has the ability to transform in such an amazing way – It is light soft and kind and yet it can be incredibly disempowering for the one being laughed at, if needs be!

They already know!

It has already happened, the shift has already taken place, we are now just waiting for the physical manifestation to catch up – This is a fantastic position to be in – To finally reach this stage, after many years of doubt and fear is truly wonderful – It means we are channeling all of our energy in the ‘right direction’ towards the continuing creation of the 5D, not the ‘Oh fuck will we ever get out of this mess’ of the 3D – Thoughts and feelings like that fade, as it is understood how creative they are – We are able to channel our whole selves into the new – and then watch it spring into life all around ourselves and eventually all around our world!

‘and then more’ CC image courtesy of Craig Cloutier on Flickr


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