Yes, I do Believe that Peace on Earth is Possible

If we understand the changes that take place as we move up though the dimensions, then we can understand how peace on Earth is possible – Presently, Earth is existing under extreme duality, the illusion of separation goes hand in hand with this – The experience involves competition, a certain level of survival and of course, people at war with one another – If we believe that this is all there is and all there will ever be upon Earth, then we are limiting our knowledge, therefore our experience of what is available to the 3D – If, on the other hand we have taken the time to inform ourselves as to the true nature of reality and the transformation it makes as it moves up through the dimensions – we can see how peace on Earth is in-fact possible

If you find the notion of peace on Earth difficult to believe in, maybe it would be pertinent to research our current shift in consciousness, and just exactly what it entails – Especially if you feel concern for our planet – If you would like to ‘do your bit’, relieve any fears you may have or simply gain a much better insight into the nature of reality and how it makes this great change possible – then the following peoples websites contain a wealth of information:

  • Barbara Marciniak
  • Dolores Cannon
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Teal Swan
  • Tom Kenyon
  • Ekhart Tolle

Or you may like to input the following into a search engine:

  • 5th Dimension
  • Shift in Consciousness
  • Awakening
  • 2012
  • Age of Aquarius

‘EARTH HOUR’ CC image courtesy of Alice Popkorn on Flickr


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