Toxin Release

We are at a very special turning point – a part of this involves many ‘toxins’, that have been held within the body, being released – This can feel and look rather unpleasant at times – So, the way I understand it to be is like this:

Its a bit like squeezing a spot – a really deep down, big ol’ boil, that you’ve only just noticed – Maybe you can’t actually see it on the surface, but you can sure feel it now – So, what I have discovered after many years of squeezing spots, – yes, I am one of those freaks who enjoys doing this! – is the following:

If it is big and deep and old, its not going to come out straight away – You have to work at it, much the same as releasing a stiff joint in yoga – If it has been there for a very long time, we have to slowly work to release it, rest it in between, take it at a pace that is kind to ourselves – If we try and get all the toxins out straight away, we are going to cause ourselves a lot of pain and probably a lot of damage – This could be understood in the same way as releasing the 3D version of the self, we really do need to take our time, at first especially – Do a bit of work on the self, have a poke about, and then leave it for a while – until we feel guided to get at it again

Then when we come back to it, we find that the spot seems even worse, has become rather painful, and yet nothing as yet has come to the surface, let alone been released – In yoga, we feel worse the next day, especially if we have not practiced for a while – The knots ache, the joints feel even more stiff, it hurts! – The same goes for when we realise unconscious behaviours in ourselves, it feels utterly awful at first – Some may feel inclined to tell you ‘Leave it alone now, you’re clearly making it worse!’ – But this is a part of making this movement at this time, its has to get worse before it gets better

So, we keep on working at it – and in the not too distant future, we feel the release – The boil bursts – the joint clicks open – The unconscious behaviour is processed, healed and departs – Whoop-i-doo-daa!! – It does feel rather satisfying to say the least

But, there is still an exist wound, a dull ache – Its alright to have these ‘wounds of awakening’ Even if they are on show for all to see – Maybe the pain of the whole process is still in your mind, the hurt still in your heart – and this too is fine, because all of this fades with time – as the spot mark heals too – We find we are left that little bit cleaner, free of the toxins that have built up over time – We put in the effort, went through the pain and discomfort and we came out the other side – and that is something to feel pretty good about, wouldn’t you say!

‘Release’ CC image courtesy of Mario Sanchez on Flickr


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