If you are here to Create The 5D – You must learn to Receive The 5D

You may well feel like you’re taking the piss a bit, when life begins to open up into The 5th Dimension for you – It is a wonderful experience in which many gifts are bestowed – We unwittingly block this when we think we are having more than we deserve – This is so powerful, when we overcome this barrier – It does take time, but as we learn to let go of the ‘undeserving programming’ we find more and more is able to flow to us – Because reality is in constant creation, we can allow it to create for us in this way, as it loves to do

Ok, so an example of my experience of this – I have lived in many beautiful homes around the world, usually in the spare bedroom, but none the less I experience and enjoy the whole house, the garden, the stunning surrounding areas – It took me many years to feel okay with this, for a long time I felt as if I was taking the piss, like I should be going to work every day, paying for my own home – But there is another very important factor I should mention – I feel comfortable to receive in this way, because I know I give a lot in return – Not necessarily directly to those who are supporting me, but to those I feel may need some support at this time – So, I am able to accept and say thank you and welcome in this blessed life

Something that would most likely be frowned upon by most – ‘You live with your parents, at nearly 40! And you have a child! Oh no, no, you should be self sufficient by now, supporting yourself’ – But if I was doing that I would have no time to do this, to write these words – If everyone is individually supporting themselves, then who is supporting the whole at this time? – Our planet Earth?

So that’s the deal and as far as I can see it’s a win win situation – I have the support of my family, so that I am able to do my part in bringing in this new way upon Earth – We all get to spend precious time with each other, experience these beautiful places together – and I get to do the thing that I love most, write this!

‘Give me’ CC image courtesy of Matthias Ripp on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/56218409@N03/


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