What a Blessing! What a Gift! – Here’s how to Receive it…

We are entering into a time of great blessing, but unless we know how to receive this, it will simply pass us by – Here’s my understanding of how to reap the gifts of the blessed life –

Allow yourself to be moved – 

If something feels shitty in your life, could it be time to make a change? – Its an old one and a classic and there’s very good reason for that, it works! – The force that makes things ‘feel bad’ is also the force that moves things into ‘feel good’ – if we allow it to that is – We are going through such a magnificent change right now, things that may have felt great for a long time may suddenly feel quite the opposite – Why is that? Because they are now outdated – The Great Shift takes place within ourselves and it happens when we allow ourselves to be moved by it in this way

Benefit others – 

The more we do this, the more life will benefit us – A number of years ago I devoted as much of my life as possible to helping, I wasn’t expecting anything in return and yet what I received blew my mind – freedom, beauty, abundance, support, love, generosity – to name but a few of the benefits

This could be understood as ‘the even more powerful Law of Attraction’ – As we are waking up to the connections, the deeper reality of the unified whole, we are working at a more powerful level of manifestation in this way – To give to others is to receive WAY more that to give to the self

Be humble – 

Nothing that you do, nothing that you own, nothing that you are, is actually coming from you – We are playing a role, assigned a character, we are a channel of creative force – When we mistakenly ‘own’ this we greatly reduce the flow of things, we fall into the trap of superior/inferior and all of the suffering this brings – When we let go of all attachment to this – we expand, we open up to a greater charge of creative force to flow through ourselves – we become the full embodiment of our powerful 5D selves

‘Give to Humanity’ CC image courtesy of Aphrodite on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/aphrodite/


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