Struggle to Believe in Heaven on Earth? – Then please read on….

Maybe believing in the heavenly realm is considered taking this too far? After all our present situation is anything but heavenly for many of the life forms upon Earth – So why take it that far? – I say why not? What exactly do we have to loose?

I think of Bruce Lee’s quote

Always aim beyond your target, so that when you fall short, you still land in the ballpark of success

The further we are able to take this new way, in our hearts and in our minds and especially out into the physical, the further we are able to inspire this transformation here on Earth

I believe it does take a certain level of fantasy to bring forth this new way – If we can visualise, believe in and work to create the heavenly realms here upon Earth, then we are most definitely bringing forth a new energy here – Inspiring others towards doing the same is what spreads this energy

Maybe we wont reach the heavenly realm in our lifetime, maybe we will, its not about how, when or why, its simply about holding an intention – Otherwise this can projected us away from the present moment – Hopes, fears, desires, attachment will not help this situation, not at all – In-fact all of these are traits of The 3D – When we move all of this into the background, we can bring The 5D into the foreground as a quiet knowing – Something that is able to remain, by simply allowing it to be there, without attachment, without the swing of hope and fear – Just your own belief that Earth and all upon her are making a magnificent transformation at this time – Into what exactly? Well we’ll know when we get there, but for now we will focus on the present moment and whatever it is we can do to help

‘heaven’s gate’ CC image courtesy of Kainet on Flickr


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