Tips For OCD Sufferers

As a bit of an OCD sufferer myself in the past, I try as much as I can to do the following things to help me out of it –

Thoughts don’t come from us, they come to us

That voice, the one in your head that says – ‘Look out….. You better make sure of that…. Did you remember too…..’ is just a voice, a sound – that you absolutely have the choice to turn away from – Our focus is what feeds this, our lack of focus is what will starve this out of existence – Easier said than done, for sure – but it is nothing that any one of one us is not capable of doing – It will take time, it will get worse before it gets better – These things do have a habit of ‘upping the anti’ when they feel threatened in this way – These thoughts are largely gone from my life now, because I went through the process and effort of moving away from them – Yes, they put up a valiant battle, their very existence of them was dependant upon my focus – But in the end, they died a death and I am able to live at greatly increased levels of peace, freedom and happiness as a result

I viewed these thoughts as a completely separate entity from myself, which they were – In this way we move into observation of them, this very action alone creates separation from them – Through observation we can see exactly what is being ‘said to us’ and therefore make the choice to ignore what it is we do not like in our lives – and introduce what we do like! – This is exactly how it worked for me anyway

Good enough is good enough

I will be forever grateful to my Mother for these simple yet effective words – Knowing when to stop and say ‘Yes, that will do!’ – It is often when we do this that we see just how spectacular life is when we resist the need to ‘make it perfect’, it already is perfect!

Live in a poor country for a while

This really shows what standard we in the west are living at – Its waaaaaaaaaaay beyond ‘good enough’ it has reached such a level of convenience, options, items to own, cleanliness and order – It is when we spend our lives continuously attempting to improve on this that the dissatisfaction and restlessness creeps in – When we see how most of the world is living it really helps us to be able to drop the standards a bit and see how unimportant the details really are

OCD – Over Concern for Details

This is how I largely understand it to be, needing to have everything so bloody perfect, all in place, to the point of ridiculousness – I’m sorry if that sounds disrespectful, but its not a bad realization to take on – And the saddest part for me about OCD is the focus – so small and insignificant, the full picture of life is often lost

Understanding anxiety as an energy backlog

That energy has been allotted for a certain activity and if it is not channeled towards this is whirls around inside us instead – So in order to try and ‘get this energy out’ we focus upon anything and everything and try to perfect our external world in an attempt to find internal peace – When this energy is actively channeled into something creative, beneficial, out towards the whole of the planet at this most important time, we find we are able to live at much greater levels of peace

‘OCD?’ CC image courtesy of Ryan on Flickr


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