Ready to Move into The 5D? – Some Help in making that Choice

The point at which we choose to make the changes that lead us into The 5D, is completely up to the individual – We either go early, which has in-fact already happened – Or we choose to go late – There are clear benefits and difficulties in either choice

To go early was to be a pioneer on the great adventure into the unknown, to be one of the first, with bravery and an immense amount of faith – but the difficulties where extreme – There was very little guidance, from the physical level anyway – Contact with the non physical spiritual realm was a necessity, but can often be difficult to believe in, misinterpreted and considered of little value by others – Leaving The Old behind is difficult now, imagine how it was fifty years ago? – Luckily there was a mass movement around this time that helped carried the pioneers forth – The Hippy Movement enabled a greater understanding, although many went back to the safety of the old at that time there were still those who carried on – Ridicule and a lack of respect was all a part of their path, the pain of not fitting in and overwhelming feelings of knowing just what a change is necessary at this time

Thank God for those brave souls who undertook the most difficult task of paving the way, many have since followed – When our journey into the new begins, we may feel alone and like one of the first to take these steps – Our focus has been with the old for so long, we may have little awareness of how much the new has already grown – But as we search we see just how established it has already become and we can seek solace with many others, this helps the journey immensely

So is it better to wait before we make the journey? – Consider this, if we are leaving something behind, the more of our time and energy we channel into this could be considered a waste – The more we build into something, the more difficult it will be to let go – We understandably become very attached to that which we have attained – Also, we may need to ‘start again’ – relationships, work, our home may all have to be rebuilt, not to mention our understanding of reality

So, does that make it the sooner the better then? – Again, there is no wrong or right time to make this movement, just what feels right for yourself – Getting informed, putting in the effort to really understand will undoubtedly make the journey easier – and at no risk or loss to yourself, this part can most definitely be undertaken as soon as you like!

‘Moving on’ CC image courtesy of .craig on Flickr


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