Swimming to The Other Shore – Into The 5D

At present most of humanity find themselves upon the side of the shore that has existed for a very long time – It holds structures and systems that have been in place for many years, many have placed their faith in the hands of these – On the other shore exists a different way – In the history of the planet, this couldn’t be more new, young and fresh – Its structures are at present few, but the essence is vastly different – It has a different feel, one that is more peaceful, balanced and equal – It has been considered as weak when compared the other shore, but it is getting stronger – and this strength is growing, exponentially

Between the two shores we find the waters – parts of which are calm, tranquil and heavenly in their beauty – other parts of which are treacherous rapids and everything in between – We can presently see each side of the shore, if we choose to look – The New side has its appeal, but the journey there is clearly difficult, as well as containing many blessings

So, when do we choose to make the crossing? – That part is completely up to you and it is extremely important that the crossing is only made when you feel ready to do so – You will feel guided, feel drawn towards it – Curiosity, dissatisfaction, a wish for something different, a desire to effect change will all lead you into the water – It can be both a thrilling and terrifying experience, so make sure you wear your life jacket in the form of research, practice and support – There is much out there to help you long your journey, the difficult times will guide you to seek this new information and give you no choice but to put it into action – There will also be times of breath taking awe and wonder on this most precious journey you have chosen to undertake – The heavens open up to those brave enough to make this movement, as a sign they are on the right path when overwhelming doubt arises, as respite and as a flavor of that which is set to come

Reaching the other side is no final point however, it is still very much in its early days – You may very well find yourself looking back at the other shore wondering why you ever left its security and benefits – But your bravery and your heart had other plans for you, and this is a very noble act to undertake – So more and more your focus will turn towards creating what you know is possible in your new reality – You will have learnt many new traits in your innate creative abilities and have realized the true extent of your powers – But like a new born foal trying to walk, you will fall and it will probably hurt – But you’ll get up, time and time again and your legs will grow strong, you will stand your ground and hold firm in what you believe in – As this new reality grows forth and the benefits are clearly experienced, the urge to look back to the other side fades – More time is spent immersed in this new way, more people join you, the community grows and the support is felt – As you see others making the journey across the waters of change you are able to throw lines of support, to call words of guidance and finally to take them by the hand a welcome them in to their new experience

‘Distant Light’ CC image courtesy of Hopeless_Wonderer on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobellaphotography/


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