The Great Escape into 5D! – Are You Coming?

The 3D is a bit like a trap, I know that sounds negative but bare with me – What would be the best thing about being in a trap? Escaping right? Because that’s what we are doing now – We entered into a game of constriction so that we could move into a game of expansion  – and – most importantly – appreciate it!

We have been incredibly governed by our left-brain logic plus our five-sense experience – If it doesn’t fit in here, then it doesn’t exist, right? How tragically limited and yet how wonderful at the same time – The 3D is experienced by the vast majority of our senses being shut down – We wanted to experience this, so there is contrast between when we have all of our senses fully open and functioning – and everything that can be experienced in between

When we are ‘at one’ with everything, we are everything – This level is grand, light filled and total love – Nice! – So, why on Earth don’t we stay here? Because we cannot experience just what this is if it is not in comparison to something that isn’t this – Enter the darkside! It is only in the darkness that we can appreciate the light

Creation (that’s us too) makes spiraling movements through these two, the dark and the light – On small scale, as in night and day and on much grander scales, as in the 26,000 year cycle of The Precession of The Equinoxes –  Humanity and Earth have just been though a rather long and difficult 13,000 year dark period – We are now entering into the beginning of a light period – and I’m not talking about panty liners here – I’m talking about one of the greatest turning points known to man – Are you getting on board?

‘escapes … (86/365) CC image courtesy of Tim Geers on Flickr


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