Work when you Want, as you Want – As a Powerfully Creative 5D Being

If the thought of ‘work as we presently understand it’ makes your heart sink, then maybe it is time to start doing something that makes your heart sing – These are the creations we so desperately need on Earth right now – Ones that shine at a different level, inspire us all towards something new – Creations that are so full of heart they wish to be nothing but a positive force here, for everyone – When we allow ourselves to create in our own unique way, we give ourselves the chance to become what we truly are

Passion arises within us when it arises, it is very difficult to ‘make this happen’ – It comes when it likes and it is for us to harness this in the moment, whenever that may be – It is highly unlikely that this will just happen to be 9 to 5 Monday to Friday – It can come at any time – when we are waking up, falling asleep, sat on the bus, in the shower! – It doesn’t have a time frame, so why do we?

Okay, I do understand that for practical reasons, it is only possible for some us to work at a certain time, in a certain place – But surly there are many more of us who we can be a lot more self governing in this way?

Most of us have grown up with the experience of creating because we have to – For example, in school much of what we are learning is creative – arts, writing, drama to name a few – But it is when we place deadlines on creativity, punishment if it is not carried out, and a lesser view if it is not what was expected, that we unfortunately draw so much of the essence out of our creations

This experience usually carries on into our working lives – We are asked to do very much, in order that we get paid – In this way a lot is created, true – but at what level, how much of our consciousness are we able to put into our creations when they are produced in this way? – We have so much now at the material and physical levels, too much some would say – a level that is now having a negative impact on our planet – This is the problem that arises when creations are lacking in heart, they don’t necessarily go in the best direction – We have grown so used to putting such huge amounts of hours into our work, it is very difficult to sustain passion when this is so forced – When we have clients to please, deadlines to meet, targets to reach – we create such a fuss there is no time to even hear this rich flow of creation, let alone be a channel for it – Our creations become of a certain level, The 3D to be precise – They are hard work and yet they produce so much less – If we truly wish to move into a new way, then we must allow ourselves to live in a new way

When we work in this way, we find something magical happens – we are supported in this way – Our reality, Mother Earth are intelligent, especially aware of our individual creations at this time of mass awakening – If you are here to help, you will be helped in doing so…..

‘Inspiration’ CC image courtesy of Hartwig HKD on Flickr


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