Never quite found your Place in Life? – There may be a VERY Good Reason for that!

Feel like you never quite ‘found your place’? – Well there may be a very good reason for that – so you weren’t kept in place – It is much easier to move into the new when we have not established ourselves as ‘something’ – Being successful in The 3D may actually be the worst thing for us at this time

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason why I didn’t do so well at school, didn’t give a shit in any job I had, didn’t ‘make it’ in life

Right now and for the past 10 years I have been working harder than I ever have on anything in my entire life, by quite a large amount! – The way I see it is like this – If I had worked my ass of through my life up to my late twenties, I would feel like I’d already ‘put the effort in’ I’d be looking for the rewards at this stage, the financial and material gains that come after putting in the effort – I would defiantly not be saying ‘Ooh, yes I’ll just start again from scratch, not just in the work I do, but in my total understanding of reality – Rework the lot, right from the very roots to the tips’ – No, I would not have the energy, or the motivation – I’d feel like it was too much

So, if you find yourself in the position I did 10 years ago – That you feel you didn’t quite ‘make it’, you’ve not been successful, found your place in life – Then, CONGRATULATIONS! – That, may well be the best position to be in at this time – You have nothing to loose and everything to gain – Should you choose to put the effort in, that is!

We are being offered the most wonderful adventure of expansion at this time – What are we expanding? Our very level of consciousness, no less – This is so much more powerful, important and beneficial that anything we have been offered before this time – and because if that it takes a great deal of effort to bring about – If you are willing to do this, the blessing you will receive, will be more that could have ever dreamt of before!

Untitled CC image courtesy of Micheal Semensohn on Flickr


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