The Pros and Cons of ‘Knowing Better’ at this Time

It is very difficult to state this without feelings of superiority and inferiority entering in – Getting it right, getting it wrong, will see us swinging all over the place with this movement of awakening we are making – So we must be as firm as we can be in what it is we are saying, doing, being – If we are making this bold statement of knowing better at this time, then we’d better make sure that we actually do

The journey towards ‘knowing better’ will see us making mistakes, being unwittingly judgmental and going in completely the wrong direction at times – Striving to be self governing in this way, to be a voice of this new way, can leave us feeling very much the fool at times – But what if this is just the journey we must take on this path of awakening – The many tests we are presented with, so that we understand the many pitfalls we can easily fall into and how better to avoid them – So that when it comes to an important subject, maybe we actually do know better!

The ones who are wishing to create this shift are a strange mixture of ego and humility – It is the ego that wishes to generate this change, that says boldly I am capable of doing so – and then humility steps in and says everything is just as it should be in the order of creation, who are you to change this? – Too and fro, up and down we go – and through all of this something different has the chance to arise – Non ownership of what we are doing

Seeing ourselves as a channel for bringing about this change – When we make our ‘knowing better’ non personal, then we are simply imparting the new information that is coming through us, outwards towards others, without ownership of it – We no longer fall prey to the up and down swinging movement that otherwise arises – It is alright to ‘know better’ if it is going to help our planet at this time, even with all of the difficulties that arise with this way of being

‘Integration of light – A5’ CC image courtesy of Hartwig HKD on Flickr


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