Peace on Earth, an End to War – Can it really be True?

Yes – and it starts with YOU – What me? Little insignificant me? – If we really wish to see peace on Earth the first thing we must do is address the above falsehood – You are a force of power upon this planet, as am I, as is the rest of Humanity – The fact that we have forgotten this has allowed for a controlling few to manipulate us through the means of generating fear and suppression through war – Struggle to believe that this is the case? Well, to be honest I did too, like I was passing the buck of blame somehow – The truth is that Humanity has gone along with, been influenced by and in some cases even enjoyed war – We are by no means helpless victims, we are co-creators – Which is great news! It means we can cease to co-create this hell on Earth and we can begin to create our heaven on Earth – How do we do this I hear you cry…..

By simply becoming aware of the bigger picture – When we see who the puppet master really is we are no longer pulled by its strings – Who is it who is profiting from war? – Who is it remaining at ‘the top’ through war? – We are all perfectly capable of looking into this and understanding the bigger picture – When we do this we will retract ourselves from feeding war in every single subtle way possible, we will stand up and become a force that wishes to see an end to war and in this way we influence others to do the same – The one becomes the many become the whole – Our unified peaceful planet is here once more

I’m not blaming our present situation on the controlling few, not at all – I just see that they are the most concentrated powerful, most influencial representation of the energy of The 3D – but we are all a part of this, all in this together – I just believe that if this part were removed, at least from its position of ‘power’ then it would have a huge impact upon our planet

‘Peace on Earth’ CC image courtesy of Md. Obaej Tareq on Flickr


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