Life Speeding Up? – Your Movement into The 5D will Slow it Down

I see this phenomenon happening for many people now – The 3D is speeding up and it will continue to do so until we come to the point in which we say – No more, I’ve had enough

Many of us have been spinning the plates of our successful 3D lives for some time now – Beautiful home check, great car check, good job check, decent salary check, children’s education check, bills paid check, social life check – We were ‘spinning away’ pretty successfully – adding more plates in as  this was seen as achieving more success

I want to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with any of this, nobody living like this made a mistake – The fact it is speeding up is not anyone fault, it is a sign, an encourager, to move into a different way – and this happens when we ‘simplify’ things and that happens when we have less plates to spin

If we choose to take the time to look we will see that there is one grand plate spinning right now, it is the one that is caring for Earth at this time – Many people share this role, a whole army of troops are at the bottom of this almighty stick, helping it to carry on spinning – This way of being is very hard work, but it is simple – take care of Earth and humanity at this time – The mania is no longer there because by taking this very action, you will have shifted yourself therefore your level of consciousness, out into The 5D – We are able to simultaneously effect a greater force, whilst slowing down – How is this possible? – The further up the dimensions we go, the more peace we find, the easier it is to create, we are simply more powerful – We move up by moving our focus away from us and ours, out toward the whole at this time – In order to do this many had to let go of many of their little plates and this can be done in the following ways:

Getting over what other people think

As we awaken the need to ‘keep up’ and the desire to impress, to look successful fades – We all do this, to some degree or another, its natural, The 3D largely bases itself in this way – So, how do we let go? – We let some plates come crashing down, this may well happen on its own anyway – Allowing it to be so, without letting another’s judgment upset or sway us too much – is to allow ourselves to live at much greater levels of peace

See that you have a choice

Many people going at hyper speed by now feel that they have no other choice – This is the way it is and I just have to get on with it! – but as I said, it will keep on getting faster, maybe to the point where you have no choice any longer and you are ‘forced’ to slow down – So, while you still have the option, why not take it and make changes that lead to peace

Understand the nature of time

That it is not ‘fixed’ – that it changes and morphs according to your vibration – You move quickly, so does your time – You move slowly, so does your time – It is normal to think – I just want to get it all done as fast as I can! – But this can become our entire lives, do we want that ‘done’ too? Because that is what that way of being results in

Become an observer of your reality

With faith that it is not going to fall to pieces the moment you do this – Give yourself the time to sit and observe – Ask yourself, is this how I thought it would be? Is this how I want my life to be? And finally – What can I do to bring more peace into my life? – The answers will come to you, but you have to ask the question first – Put it out there to the universe and then watch for the signs – it will communicate back to you, so keep an eye out

“Drive Slow” CC image courtesy of on Flickr


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