You may well find yourself asking ‘Why me?’ – During your Awakening

What did I do to deserve this? For awakening feels like a curse as well as a blessing – Why you? Because you are strong enough to deal with this at this time, even if you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and a bit green eyed at those who are happily not awakening – You have been chosen because more accurately, this is what you chose! – and its not going to let go or go away, so here’s a few tips on how to get on with it:


Our rhythm does some strange things as we awaken – We find ourselves going from childlike awe and wonder and what life has presented before us, to horror and pain at what we are being made aware of – Obviously this is going to affect our rhythm – Its easy to breath deeply in a slow and paced rhythm when all is well, not so easy when the more disturbing stuff comes in – So to remain calm and balanced throughout we must learn to breath properly – Deep rhythmic breathing draws us into The 5D, shallow erratic breathing draws us into The 3D – If we can ‘5D’ breath as we are being presented that which needs healing in The 3D we will be viewing it with different eyes – Seeing the deeper truth behind the actions and how, with our ability to hold greater levels of love, this can be healed

Having fun

Good healthy fun! – Unconscious ‘fun’ will create absolute havoc in the life of one who is becoming conscious – Get out there and enjoy yourself, as much as you feel you need to and this could be a lot more than you think – This process of awakening takes a lot of effort, we must allow ourselves to balance this out by doing lots of nice things for ourselves as well!


It does take a while to introduce the actions that ‘go along’ with this new way of being into our lives – The experience of awakening will often give us no other option that to do this – The process could be understood as bringing that which is hidden out into our awareness and the same goes for our bodies too – We are working on ourselves at a very deep level right now, bringing all of this up to the surface – All of which has been held in our bodies and is released as toxins – When we stretch and open out, we release them from our bodies and feel a darn sight better for doing so!


Firstly to yourself, as this will reverberate out towards others – It is a very common reaction, when we feel a bit ‘pushed down’ by life, to then push others down with our judgements of them – Okay, cool, so they may not be awakening and looking at you like you’ve completely lost the plot, which is why it is so important to give yourself a little understanding and love, or a lot, loads in-fact! – This benefits all involved, being kinder to the self results in being kinder to others

‘Of course I believe in heaven, she said’ CC image courtesy of ohmann alianne on Flickr


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