Why our Hell has been Necessary for our Heaven

Feel blown away by the atrocities that occur upon Earth? Well you’re not alone – but know this, concealed within them is the greatest gift known to man

My journey of discovery has been fuelled by the need to know why – Why is there such levels of pain suffering and abuse upon our planet? – What I uncovered was the deeper level of creation that not only enabled me to make sense of it all, it allowed me to see the gift that is contained within this experience – Earth is dualistic, extremely dualistic – Our planet is currently the embodiment of heaven and hell existing as one

As I was sitting on our porch swing, contemplating this as you do…. a wonderful insight came to me I’d like to share – I find Earth to be quite overwhelming at times – As I said before, I have read that we live upon an extremely dualistic planet – I can see this to be true when I watch the hellish atrocities at occur on the news, existing alongside the heavenly scenes I experience around the world – The question that has lead me on this journey of discovery has often been ‘why?’ – As I sat there swinging I had this thought in my mind – and then I saw – we came here to experience this, the swing that takes us onto heaven is also the swing that takes us into hell – As I followed the chain upwards towards the point at which it was swinging from – it was as if I was delving deeper towards Source, the zero point which is still – If we want heaven, we must have hell, the swing is so – But what if we are making a huge galactic swing right now – one that takes us from the hell that has largely existed here, into the heaven that I believe is blossoming here

We are only able to experience heaven if it is in comparison to hell – and this is exactly what I believe is happening right now – Reality moves in cycles, some big some small, some absolutely unbelievably gargantuan – Like the one that moves over a 26,000 year cycle – The Precession of The Equinoxes – Or maybe theres an even bigger cyclic movement happening now – We ARE moving from a dark phase, into a light phase – and will be experienced as moving from a hellish phase, into a heavenly phase – Thank God for that!


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