Allowing Change to Happen EVERYWHERE! – As our Part in Helping this Shift

I have noticed something, we generally dont like people to change – Especially people we know, and even more so if they’ve been a bit of a dick, or un hinged, or selfish – We say ‘No, they’re not capable of that level of transformation, its bullshit’

Inconsiderate behaviour, mental health issues, an inability to function very well, generally life falling to peices and everyone around running a mile – To another, who has been doing much better, this person may seem like the last to go through this transformation at this time, let alone become a voice for it – So we dismiss, ridicule and try to ignore as much as we can as we get on with our own lives

But if this planet needs healing, maybe this is a very good place to start, in those that need a healing – Are they then not in a very good position to heal others, having gone through the process themselves?

Its as if this process of awakening is reaching out, picking up those who are lost, troubled, not behaving in the best way – and transforming them – As well as them going through the effort of transforming the self too – If this is the ‘movement’ then what if it eventually picks up those who are very lost – trapped in acts of terrorism, abuse and manipulation, greed, actively adding to the deterioration of the planet and her life forms? – and moves them towards becoming some of the greatest activists in creating this change?

Would we allow that to happen, would we listen to them and what they have to say? – Because a part of this movement of awakening seems to be the ability to touch both sides of the scale, the light and the dark – The deeper we are able to go in the dark, the deeper we are able to go into the light – Maybe these souls will be the ones who really bring this transformation forth – If they can help transform themselves and others, they will be having the biggest impact here – by healing the most wounded parts here on Earth

The only question that is left, is whether we will allow this to happen with our forgiveness and faith in them

“Change” CC image courtesy of lpk 90901 on Flickr


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