Dark and Light – Understanding and Accepting both

Is the dark just the lesson, with the light being the learning that comes from this? – So both are necessary for our current awakening – The dark ‘pushes’ us into the light in a way, by making itself so unbelievably repulsive – So we can use darkness as a tool for our evolution – When we feel brave enough to look into it, it can be done as a practice of what we needs to move away from – the problem that creates the solution

George Bush always springs to mind when I’m contemplating this – I sometimes see him with a bright light emanating from behind him – He, to me, is the one who really brought to light what is going on – I’m not sure there are many people who can deny how utterly ridiculous is was to have him as president of The United States – A puppet front man who didn’t mind what he was allowing to happen, as long as he got to play president for a while

The dark also hides behind the light – So it’s true to say that nothing is black or white, its both – All is everything, when we allow it to be – Religion is one of the best examples of this – Prayer is such a beautiful and powerful thing, as is faith, but when we look at the other things religion gets up to under the name of God, its difficult not to reject it in its entirety – So much so, that even the use of the words prayer, faith and even God are rejected to such an extent that the person immediately switches off at the sound of these words

If ever there was a time to ‘pick and choose’, feel what resonates with ourselves, find our own understanding of things – This is it! – Search around, have a poke about, take a little peek behind and see what you come up with – It may well be the same as what SO MANY others are saying at this time, that we are at a turning point – awakening to the levels of darkness here, that is enabling our creation of increased levels of light here

“(52) week 10. sunshine.” CC image courtesy of shutterbugamar on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/shutterbugamar/


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