Life Speeding Up and Up and Up? – Here’s how to Slow it Down

We could see it like a childs roundabout in a playground – The more we pull ourselves into the centre, the faster it spins – The more we move ourselves to the outer, the slower it spins – Or, in other words – The more we keep our focus small with ‘us and ours’, what needs to be done in our own lives, our own home, our finances, etc – the faster life spins – The more we expand our vision out towards wishing to be a benefit to others, helping the planet at this time, focusing on the ‘collective whole’ rather that the ‘individual self’ – the slower life spins – It is this very movement of expansion that allows for greater levels of peace

It’s easy to think that if we move ‘outwards’ things are going to get even faster, but of course due to the laws of physics, the ride actually slows down – Yes, it takes a certain level of bravery, to move into the outer limits of the ride – and that is exactly why there are rewards in our doing so – our increased levels of peace being one of these

There is more power here on Earth than there was before, a greater force – if we are still channeling that into ‘us and ours’ we will find ourselves becoming increasingly more overwhelmed as time goes on – Have you noticed this to be the case already?

For myself, if I am not doing a decent amount of writing every day, helping to create this planetary change, my anxiety levels are shocking – I feel panicy, nervous and stressed – As I am now fully aware of this I no longer allow it to happen – I live at much greater levels of peace as a result

If you are not sure where to begin, why not take some time simply to look into ‘the shift in consciousness’, by doing an internet search on the subject – This action alone will expand you level of consciousness

“Roundabout” CC image courtesy of martin Fisch on Flickr


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