Taking on an Increased Level of Power – The Reality

Pretty much everyone would say – More power, yes please! – But what we often forget is what it takes to get to a place of being able to take on an increased level of power – Tuning ourselves into it for a start, can leave us feeling sick as a dog at times – This buzzy uncomfortable energetic exhausted combination that is pretty horrid to live with – Then there’s deciding where we are going to channel this new force – Because if its aimed towards the self in any way, we’re going to be blowing things up – literally! – The self and its needs are too small for this increase, it must be channeled out towards the whole – Then there’s all of the multitude of tests that must be passed to ensure that we are ready for this – EERRR! – That’s what I think about it all today – It is not all – Whoop! New powers, yay! – On many occasions it more like – My head hurts, my eyes are sore, I feel so overwhelmed at everything and every level of my being is in pain – Where’s the duvet, I’m just going to curl up and hide for a little while

With great power there must also come great responsibility

Amazing Fantasy (mark) 15 (August 1962) – The first Spider-Man story

Cheers for that Spidey – Its true, we all want more powers, to create, to benefit, to expand our realities, great – but what we often forget to see are the other things that must accompany this – If we want all of the above, we absolutely have to become responsible – Because if we make a mistake at this level, we make it big time, it has a greater effect – The wish to be helpful at this time is fraught with difficulties, if we are not willing to spend the time to ‘get it right’ then we can expect a massive downfall coming our way

I had a little insight the other day, just a split second of how easily one could spin out of control with this new power we are being given – I’m listening to Amy Winehouse, this reminded me

Which is why it is so incredibly important to get a certain level of daily spiritual practice happening – Yoga, meditation and a vegan diet – allow for the charge to come through in a more balanced and light way

‘Explosion in the Carlsbad Flower Fields’ CC image courtesy of Bill Gracey on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/9422878@N08/


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