Do you think we’re in Trouble on Earth? – Try looking at it this way

Why is it my ears prick up when I hear someone saying “We’re in trouble”? – What is that all about? Surly trouble is negative, why do I ‘tune into this’? – I think it is becuse trouble needs fixing, healing, changing – Why is it I want all of those things so much? To the point where my eyes almost light up at hearing someone talking of their fears for Earth? – I’ve even written about recognising the difference between fear and love, searching to uncover the source of what exactly we are generating – Am I generating fear when I see that our planet is presently troubled? – Or, could it be that our fears, then lead us towards our love? – That a negative view comes before the positive view? – That it is necessary to see that there is a problem, so that we seek the solution – That a dark mindset precedes, and in-fact fuels the light mindset – So, when I hear “Oh, the woes” a part of me does smile, becuase I can see how valuable this stage is when creating change

When I hear about someone finding things difficult a part of me thinks ‘Oh good!’ – What kind of a sicko am I!?! – I think ‘Oh good’ becuase difficulties evoke change, especially for those immersed in a stressful 3D life – It is when we go down, it becomes dark, life doesn’t go our way – that we begin to search – There is no way on Earth I would have made the journey I made had I been given the choice – The fact that I had no choice was a blessing – It became so painful I was willing to look anywhere, to take on any new beliefs, to overhaul every single part of myself – and becuase of that I am now able to embody my 5D self at such levels I have the freedom to choose how to move through life, to create what I want when I want, to feel blessed pretty much every day, to live at my own rhythem – I could go on, but you get the point….

Growth hurts, on every level – We are going through the greatest growth spurts known to humanity – If there is one thing you manage to do in the comming years, it would be to always bare this in mind

 “oh atlas” (102/365) CC image courtesy of alexis mire on Flickr


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