The Shift in Consciousness IS Happening! – Wanna do your bit?

Why do you think more and more people are talking about this? – Because it is a movement – We are being moved towards something new and our natural wish is to share this ‘revelation’ with others, causing them to move as well – We are all a part of this shift in consciousness whether we are aware of it or not, whether we want to be or not – When that which is contained within The 3D comes to light, its not as if we can turn the light off and forget all about it – it is there, in our conscious awareness now – And what’s more, the light that shines as this ‘new way’ is attractive, it draws even more light towards itself – The same thing popping up in different places, from different sources, from different angles, until we finally accept it as the ‘new truth’

The more we resist this with disbelief, ridicule, ignorance, an unwillingness to change – the longer it will take, the more difficult the lessons need to become – The more we accept this with trust, faith and an open mind and heart, the easier the path towards awakening, the lessons become a blessing – This shift is happening now, no matter what we do, the only choice we have is how we choose to awaken at this time – how much we are in love with our egoself – how much we are attached to the material world – of how much we want to keep our minds closed because we are happily distracted thank you very much! – We can be dragged kicking and screaming, as the The 3D gets taken away from us – Or we can let go and flow in trust, as The 5D is given to us

We are moving away from ego, and yet there are some of us who need a certain amount of ego to bring this new way into the attention of others – There are many different ways of bringing this new way out into the awareness of humanity – From the quiet presence who simply ‘is’ the new way, to the loud mouth who simply wont shut up about it, and everything in between! All have their place and all are inspiring in their own way

Its about finding what works for you and that most definitely is a balancing act – which you may well find has you swinging from silence and stillness into anger and ranting and all of the other ‘interesting’ reactions that will help you to find what works best for you – Too much focus on the darkness contained in The 3D may have people running a mile from all the doom! – Too much focus on the light contained in The 5D may create such abstraction, people have nothing to connect to – Drawing in all into an equal whole helps to relay the message in a more Earthly tone – Creating something that is balanced between the two will carry us through on a much more even ride

“The Arrival” CC image courtesy of Alice Popkorn on Flickr


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