Understanding Heartlessness – and loving none the less

It’s not mean to say that there is something missing from certain people – in order to incarnate as a human, many things must be missing from our conscious awareness – Otherwise the illusion of the individual being would not be present, we would not be able to play this game, act out our roles here and we would probably bugger off!

So, as I was saying, things missing – There are some beings here that just simply do not have access to the things that other people do – Take a terrorist for example – if you really look into their eyes it’s like looking into a void, hollow and empty – There is very little ‘humanity’ to connect to, the heart is missing – Although if you spoke to one I’m sure they would let you know how righteous and ‘correct’ they are being – If there is presently no access, then we cannot blame these people for their actions – Yes, I know, tell that to the people who have been directly affected by terrorism – I do not wish to diminish the pain that they cause, not at all – I am just trying to understand

My understanding of those who wish to control is that they are devoid of heart, their connection to their emotional self is completely severed – It can be reconnected for sure, but that is up to the individual as the whether they want to or not – How much resitance they will put up at this time of great transformation, or of course, how much they are willing to accept and take on

Our present shift in consciousness could be understood as ‘adding’ to ourselves – We are taking on more, reconnecting, opening up – and this is happening to every single being upon this planet, including the planet herself – We are being affected by this, all of us

I sometimes creatively visualize a terrorist – Going about doing what he has always done, gun over the shoulder, hiding out, plotting the next attack – and yet new thoughts are entering in – as much as he tries to shake them off, they are having an effect non the less – A terrorist likes their role, as I said before they see it as righteous, heroic even, that they are following the word of God – Oh dear, that is quite some awakening – to think you are that and then realize you’re more like the word of the devil – Oh dear, oh dear – So, I’m sure they will be shrugging off these new insights as much as they can – But the new energy that is here is persistent as it is strong – You can’t hide from it, so eventually it will take effect and this is what I see in the terrorist – The ‘Oh fuck’ moment – Followed by the ‘Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, what the hell have I done’ moment – As soon as this kicks in they are completely unable to carry on with any terrorism they may have planned – It has all come to light, the truth, the illusion, the role they have been playing and just exactly what it has been up to

Spending time believing in this is enormously creative and beneficial for our planets transformation – It takes nothing from us and yet it adds so much – If you no longer wish others to be in a place of false power, of terrorism, of abuse, then visualize them as so, departing – See their awakening for them – How are they responding, what is their posture, what thoughts are they having, do they cry, do they change their actions, do they sit and stare as the crushing wave of remorse washes over them?

This is where our power is to help change these individuals – Start to see the spark of light growing within them – that ignites a warmth in the heart that has been cold for so long – that sees a change taking place to the very atoms of their being – One that they cannot ignore, one that has taken hold – One that will enable them to make their way towards a more loving role for themselves in the future

“(42/3650) heart in my hand” CC image courtesy of Britt-Knee on Fickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/lsuchick142/


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