Signs of our Awakening – and how to deal with them

The following may sound a bit negative, because the transition from one way to another is difficult – but bare with me, it is all most definitely well worth it! – See them as growing pains, they don’t last forever and there are ways of dealing with them


It has been said that teenagers, rather than being lazy, actually do need more sleep – Making the transition from one stage into another takes energy and we are making a HUGE transition presently – Allow yourself to rest, to be at peace, to be still, to move slowly – Moving on from the voice of fear and guilt allows us to do this

Aches and pains

Everything is coming to the surface and being released and that goes for our physical bodies too – All of the abuse and pollution that is on the planet is within ourselves too – When this comes up it can make us feel quite groggy and achy – The best way to deal with this is to stretch to release it from our muscles and joints – Then drink water to cleanse it from our bodies

Wishing to be ‘normal’

When we shift into the new we receive a lot of information which can cause a host of unpleasant reactions – feeling overwhelmed, sadness, anger, superior/inferior swings, desperation, fear, paranoia – Its easy to see why many people pine for something more normal – Trying to bare in mind how monumentally important this shift is, the existence of our planet and the life upon her depend on this will help – See it as part of the effort we have to put in to make this change and most of all don’t take it as a personal punishment by comparing ourselves to others who are not experiencing this

A mind that goes into overdrive

So much information, so much awareness, you feel as if your head might explode – Especially with there being so much talk about the benefits of a calm and present mind, which makes this part even more apparent – Its gotta get worse before it get better and the same goes for our minds – An expansion in our conscious awareness is going to have a profound effect on us – Practicing meditation, or simply taking time out for peace, will help sooth this immensely

An expansion of awareness

That encompasses the whole of Earth and all life forms upon her – This is the wake up call as it were and an awareness of all of the abuse that is taking place will enter into your reality one way or another – as well as all of the wonderful things that are happening to create this shift – Try to remained balanced between the two – When ever I feel overwhelmed at what is happening here I get on the internet and look at what is being done to relieve this, what new insights have come through, how many more people are awakening – This helps enormously

“Step forwards into growth, or…..” CC image courtesy of Eric E Castro on Flickr


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