Getting Aligned – To The Shift in Consciousness

I watched ‘A New Dawn’ from The Pleadians, as Chennelled by Barbara Marciniac – If you have not watched it yet, it is free on YouTube and I would HIGHLY recommend it – In it, the Pleadian Council said that someone asked them how much time they should be spending on this, our shift in consciousness – They said simple – all of your time – I thought this sounded a bit much at the time, proabably because I was not spending all of my time on this, most, but not all – I thought, that’s a bit extreme and carried on as I was doing

I do like to do a bit of sewing, make a dress or two, or five – This takes time, for sure – but I am sewing, that’s a wholesome activity and I get a dress that costs three pounds – How can that be a bad thing? And its not – a bad thing – what it is though, is taking me away from doing this work

Something else I have noticed, that after many years of making my own dresses I got rather good at it – This appears to be no longer the case – When we are doing things that are out of alignment with our highest purpose here we face more difficulties – Not that being in alignment is easy, its just the things we should be doing somehow fall in place a little easier – If things are not falling in place, it’s because we are meant to be doing something else

Okay, cool, I’m writing this sat next to my sewing machine and yet another dress that I’ve just butchered – Trying to make a mends of it, spening more time than I anticipated on it – I get the message! – Stop making dresses and get on with writing – Cool, done – Once I’ve finished the ones I’ve started – That’s fair isn’t it?!?

I wrote this a few months ago, I still haven’t finished the dresses! – But I have spent a lot more of my time focussing on writing, yes, all of my available time – and what I have noticed, is quite a change in myself – I am much more calm, happy and at peace with things – It’s as if when we channel our energy in ‘the wrong’ direction, some gets there, some comes back at us, some just whirls around all over the place – There is a wide open space, waiting for us to pour ourselves into – This is what we are ‘aligned to’ and if we are not lining up with this, we can expect to experience difficulties and an uncomfortable feeling, at the very least!

“the shift’ CC image courtesy of Alice Popkorn on Flickr


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