Catastrophic Downfall -or Not?

Don’t you just love it when you start to believe something, then within days you see someone else saying the exact same thing – There is something that will just not enter into my ‘realm of reality’ and that is the catastrophic downfall many are predicting – I have not always felt like this, there was a time when that was all I thought about and how to avoid it and save myself – They were not good times, not at all – Fuelled by fear, rife with paranoia, draining everything away from myself – I stopped it blunt one day, I’d had enough, I did not want to go down that road a moment longer 

Since then it has lingered in the background, will it happen, wont it? – Now I have come to the point in which I am going to choose my beliefs on the matter – and I believe that it will not happen, not to the extent many see it coming – and in the same moment I see this –

What isn’t found anywhere in their text is doomsday for the world. In fact the Maya did everything they could to inform us of the great “window of OPPORTUNITY for spiritual growth” opening to us with this historic alignment of the earth, the sun and the galactic center of the universe. The Age of Aquarius mimics the ancient Mayas prediction for the next Great Cycle.

Never before have there been so many threats to our planet – and maybe this is a good thing – bare with me on this one – If there were one major big threat we would all be focusing on that and shitting ourselves – but because there are so many, its kind of like an overload – to the point at which I cannot focus on any of them – This is a good thing, our focus is creative after all – All we need to know is that we really do need to get our asses in gear and make some very important changes – If this plethora of reasons brings us towards this, then maybe we do not need to know all of the inns and outs of it, there is far too much for anyone to know all about every threat to our planet by now anyway – and maybe that is all it needs to be, a threat – a feeling that we need to change our ways, big time

“new 1lluminate” CC image courtesy of on salam-anda Flickr


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