5 Actions that will Help Your Awakening – A Lot!

1. Sleep – 

Without feeling guilty, or like you are lazy – We are going though BIG changes here and now – We absolutely need recovery time, which is probably going to more than our usual amount of sleep – Yes, Maggie Thatcher only needed two seconds of sleep a week, but who wants to be like her?!? – So many changes happening at the energetic level, like psychic surgery going on every day – Removals, downloads, complete and utter transformations – We need rest after physical work and we also need rest after energetic work – Now get to bed!

2. Laugh and roll around on the floor like an idiot – 

Gather up all of your inhibitions and boot them out the window – If ever there was a time to get over what other people are thinking, now it is, for a plethora of reasons! – Your childlike innocence, that we have viewed as something to move on from, actually contains more blessings than we could ever know – Be the child that you actually are – We are ‘forced’ to grow up too fast here – Humanity are young, very young, but we have been bending to a dark suppressive force that wishes to regulate our behavior so that we become better workers – Oh what a dark perspective I have and yet I believe this to be true non the less – No time for fun, or okay we’ll give you two days out of seven, if you’re lucky, but you’ve got to fill those up with DIY first and visitng the in-laws! – Give yourself the time for fun, allow it to happen, see the importance of it for your health, your vibration, your sanity non-the-less, though this difficult awakening process

3. Eat Vegan – 

It is ALL about our vibration at this time – If you want to keep on consuming animal products that that is entirey your choice, but if it has come from one of the many modern day farming sites that are abusive and beyond cruel it will carry a very heavy vibration – and as a result, so will you – All of the stress and fear hormones that were in the animal will also be in you too

4. Drink Water – 

Water works wonders on so many levels – We are being cleared of many things right now, unconscious behaviours, past traumas, ways of being that are not in alignment to our highest truth – All of which is stored in our bodies and released as ‘toxins’ – When we drink water, we flush it all out, cleansing from ourselves – Also water acts as a fantastic conductor of the finer etheric energies – If we wish to open up our psychic senses and receive guidance and communication from beyond the physical, get drinking water – Keeping hydrated is so very important for ourselves

5. And finally Don’t Worry – 

If you’ve just read that list and find that you are not doing any of those suggestions – don’t worry! – These things take time, add worry into the mix and you’re then going in the wrong direction – Try ‘as much as you can’ to be cool with it all – yourself, what is happening, what you are feeling and thinking, what other people are telling you, judging you for, etc!! – This transition can cause all manner of reactions, it is very easy to slip into worry – So don’t worry about worrying, see the pattern that can form? – Give yourself the choice to move your focus away from that little voice of worry within and allow yourself the gift of peace through this most precious process we are all going through

“Happy Feet?” CC image courtesy of エン バルドマン on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/enggul/


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