Try not get too carried away with the Details – on your journey of Awakening

I was just thinking to myself, good I wear a lot more plastic shoes these days, instead of leather – Thats good for the animals – Then I thought oh shit, plastic is bad for the planet – Maybe I should be wrapping my feet in leaves and vines? – I’m pretty sure some of the things I do will be picked to pieces in the future – Wishing to be a ‘voice of change’ at this time is actually not as appealing as it sounds, we become a target of criticism – “Oh, you think you are perfect enough to do that aye? Well just look at your bloody shoes!!”

The 3D likes to ‘pick’ – what it is actually doing is feeding from the other, attempting to ‘take bits of them’ – If we are trying to avoid this, then we are spending precious time and energy focusing in the wrong direction – If your intention is pure at this time, then just don’t worry about the details – Taking on the bigger picture is hard enough, lets not go into over drive about it all – Take it one step at at a time, in your twig and straw heals, with matching snail shell earrings!

Yes, we do need to become conscious as to what products we use, but we also need to be aware of how we channel our energy at this time – Focussing on the self and trying to get that ‘all perfect’ is still focusing on the self non the less – Yes, we do need to become the change we would like to see – and I would like to see more people actively taking their part in creating this world wide shift in consciousness I believe we are in the midst of – So that is where I place the vast majority of my focus at this time

The 5D is not fully here yet, we are still largely living on a 3D planet – If parts of our lives are still 3D, then this is understandable – As long as we are making this movement, bit by bit, in our own way – then that is good enough for now!

“Is that you?” CC image courtesy of Shonali Burke on Flickr


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