Non Attachment = Freedom to be a Beneficial Force

I realized the other day just how little I have as compared to most people living in the west – No job, no home, no car, no mobile, I don’t even have a set of keys – Thankfully I’m not sitting here naked though! – So apart from my clothes, not a lot more that I could call mine and yet I always seem to have all of the above in my life in one way or the other – ‘Well that’s just because you are lucky, somehow…’ – I disagree, it’s not luck, its about making certain choices in life

First and foremost, if you are here to benefit others as your primary driving force you will be cared for – If you are here to benefit yourself as your primary driving force you will have to care for yourself – The latter of these two seems to be the norm right now – I go to work, I get paid, I can then support myself and my family as there is no other way – Or is there?….

Well yes there clearly is, apologies for my obviously rhetorical question – but so many of us think that there is no other option – It does require our faith to let go, faith in ourselves to be a carer of Earth, faith in our reality to support us when we do, faith in others to be there for us – So yes lots of faith, but this = LOTS of benefits – and this is where it all starts

Have faith in yourself that you can be a greatly beneficial force upon this planet at this time – Finding our own level of doing this, step by step naturally moving away from attachment to the material world, as what this is replaced with is SO much more rewarding – You will be held, carried along by an invisible (and not so invisible) support system – MUCH greater freedom in your movements, more choice, an expansive way of living that will see your reality entering into the heavenly realms

If I have food and I am warm, comfortable and safe then I am doing a hell of a lot better than SO many others upon this planet – But that is most defiantly not all I have, I accept a lot into my life and I feel no guilt in doing so – I work hard, as I have done for many years and at present I earn no money from this – If I was not doing this, then yes I probably would feel badly for the support I receive and reject it – In the west we have so much, if some of this is used to ‘help you help’ then accept it, with the most humble of gratitude – So that you may be a carer of our planet at this time of great transformation

“on the wings of a snow white dove” CC image courtesy of liz west


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