You’ll See it when you Believe it – The Spirit Realm, other Dimensions of Reality, Anything!

Surely I have to see something before I believe in it? – We have had the order of creation around the wrong way – A great example of this would be ghosts and the spirit realm – You either believe it or you don’t – Many skeptics have wished for themselves to be proven wrong, by going into haunted buildings and sitting and waiting – But if they really do not believe in ghosts, they will not be able to appear for them, such is the nature of reality

The first time I had an experience with the spirit world was after talking to my friend the night before about all of the ghostly experiences she has had – I left there saying “I want to see a ghost” Little did I know what doors I was opening with those few words

The very next morning, whilst dozing on my bed, my first experience came – A pressure on my hand and on my chest – Curiosity lead me to ‘go with’ this feeling immediately, as if I was ‘allowing’ this pressure to increase – Simultaniously I was tuning into something, it was literally as if a radio was being tuned in, I could hear it clearly in my right ear – Then the voice came – Oh dear – The most demonic wrathful tortured sound I have ever heard – Needless to say I brought my self back out of this asap! – I spent the rest of the day in shock at this new awareness

I have, since that day, had many many more psychic experiences of a much more benevolent nature, I am very pleased to say! – I opened up to something that has become an incredibly valuable source of guidance and support in my life – Once I learned how to attract this type of spirit and repel the not-so-light-side spirits!

So is becoming aware simply how we evolve? To believe in something, invite it in – Is this how we create reality? – Rather than have it as ‘what is already there’, unable to believe in anything else, therefore unable experience anything else

So, what is reality? – This is the question we should be asking when we ask whether ghosts are real or not – I’ve been told that my mind created the vision of a person standing at the end of my bed from my dressing gown hung on the back of my door – Apart from them being in totally different parts of the room, I think I can tell the difference! – These experiences are the same as reality, maybe a bit more odd and see-through, but apart from that, no different – Reality is simply a projection of our beliefs, of what we are open to, as electromagnetic waves of information, formed onto the fabric of creation around ourselves for our experience – The man walking down the road, the ghost who visits in the night, no difference

So can we tune one thing in and another out? – Yes, of course we can and we do this by what we choose to believe in and what we allow ourselves to focus upon –  So can we take this understanding out even further and actually create a different dimension of reality to exist within? – Yes, I believe we can

“Changing Reality” CC image courtesy of Hartwig HKD on Flickr


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