Would you like to Help Planet Earth at this time?

Know that you can and do it! – 

If you truly believe that you can channel energy, resources, whatever you can get your hands on towards the healing of our planet, then I would say DO IT – If you’re waiting for someone else to do this, or a huge turnaround in the priorities of the current power structures, then you may be waiting just a little too long – The revolution starts with the individual, that’s you – When we live in a way that purely wishes to benefit at this time we attract the reality that sees many others doing the same – It really very much is the case of ‘Be the change you wish to see’ – I started this journey feeling very very much the minority – The further along I went, the more I saw the magnitude of this movement

Accept support – 

Support can come to you in a myriad of different ways saying that we have no support will result in the experience of having no support – Opening up to accepting, feeling worthy and okay about receiving help allows it to become manifest in your reality, we attract it towards ourselves – This frees up your time, allows you to channel more of your energy towards what you know is important at this time, the healing of our race and our planet – Allowing yourself to be supported by some of The 3D structures, materially and financially, allows you the opportunity to help influence it into The 5D – In order to benefit, you must benefit yourself – This is not a selfish act, as much as it may seems so to others who do not understand, this is of minor importance – If you are genuinely here to benefit, you will be safe in this action

Just give – 

When we give to receive we never give enough – Our focus is upon the return, so what we give is not focused upon as much – When we give just to give our focus is soley on this part – What is given holds far more essence, far more love

We still need to live of course, see above point! – and we will certainly receive many gifts for helping at this time – Its just a case of where we place our focus, our priorities, how we channel our manifesting force – An ‘outward’ direction allows for an expansive creation, for many more to benefit from, including of course our planet Earth

“The world is mine – Day 37/365” CC image courtesy of Steven Guzzardi https://www.flickr.com/photos/guzzphoto/



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