Why we get Completely Misunderstood in our Awakening – and how to feel OK with that

Living with reduced levels of fear

Means less worrying, letting go and not thinking that fear induced stress is a useful tool in helping things to not go wrong – Those living with fear and stress as their guidance, no matter how subtle this maybe, will look upon fearlessness as foolishness – and this is something you might just have to live with – The 3D largely involves analyzing situations for bad things that could happen and how to avoid them – Those living with reduced levels of fear do not see so many things that could go wrong, as it is understood how creative this practice is in drawing negative experiences towards themselves – Part of the shift is making the choice to live in the expansive freedom that reduced levels of fear brings, rather than make our life small in an attempt to avoid

Moving at a peaceful pace

Getting it all done, keeping on top of it all, the only time for peace is when I collapse on the sofa at the end of the day – You may find yourself looking on at the whirlwind this way of being creates and feel as if you are standing there like a wet drip! – Our awakening takes A LOT of effort to go through, this is why our peace is so very important during this stage – To be still, to be quiet, to rest a lot – is not seen as the best way to be in The 3D, not at all – You may very well be viewed as lazy, lost, un well, stupid, lacking in direction, un motivated – Nice! – A lovely view, thank you very much for that – We will still be creating, working on our little project of self realisation, of becoming the next level of being that is now available – Which is pretty hard going at times, we NEED to slow down for this, to feel comfortable to move at our own rhythm – and in time, we will ALL see just how much more creatively beneficial it is to move at a peaceful pace

Non attachment to the material world

So much of our current image of achievement, success, respect is based in materialism – A friend once smugly said that I could live in his spare room once he’s bought a big house for himself, I might just turn up with my bags one day! – Basing ourselves from within means channelling our focus inwards, working to heal and create from here – Which will in turn see our focus become less external, we will no longer be channelling our energy toward the material world – So to the onlooker, very little appears to be happening – “What exactly are you doing, where are the gains?” – But working at the inner level, the deeper we go, the further we are able to expand, outward into even more than before – THIS is where the gains (eventually) are!

Not following the norm

But if you’re not doing what everyone else is doing then it’s all going to go terribly wrong! – Oh how we worry about you, etc, etc… I’m sorry to sound flippant, I’m sure these fears seem very real for the person projecting them – It just takes quite a while and a lot of effort to deal with and eventually overcome them – Breaking out of what everyone else is doing can be tremendously difficult, especially when many people try to keep hold of you with their fears – What feels utterly heartbreaking at the beginning of this process, reduces dramatically over time – The more you stand your ground in your way of being, the more others will leave you to it – Especially when they finally see the fruits of this most difficult labour

Talking at a different level

Now here’s an area for misunderstanding and piss taking if ever there was one – When we awaken, and especially if we have come here to spread this message, we start to talk about it – The nature of creation, dimensions of reality, the shift in consciousness, the illusory structures of manipulation and fear – What a weirdo you’ve become, you used to be such fun! Why are you interested in all this negativity and odd stuff? – Well, it’s just the small matter of our planet being at a crisis point and I’ve found that I am no longer able to carry on living in ignorance of this – So I’ve been looking into a possible solution, which could be summed up as a shift in consciousness – You may well get called all sorts of things during your awakening, it may hurt at the time, but it is peanuts in comparison to how important it is to keep on talking about this!

“the lightness of being” CC image courtesy of Alice Popkorn on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/


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