What if I’m Wrong about all of this Darkside Stuff?

What if it is a figment of my poor unwell mind? – I think this is an extremely healthy question to ask ourselves on this path of awakening – We are simultaneously waking up to the nature of reality – and – all of the dark shit that is going down upon our planet – It would then be a sensible question to ask ourselves – Am I creating this in my mind, with my understanding of it to be so, therefore creating it upon my planet? – and that is true, so we must be incredibly careful as to what we choose to believe at this time – So, why then believe that there are a controlling few upon this planet that are darkside? – What a terrible thing to create, no?

And the reason that brings me back to this understanding, every time I try to get away from it is this – Ask anyone if the planet is in trouble and most people will say yes – Ask anyone if they know that the solution is and most people will say no – I believe that understanding that there is a dark force here is the solution – We can all put masses of effort in at the physical ‘normal/usual’ level and yet there will be a part of us that sees the issues as too big, that our actions are not having enough of an impact, of the level that is necessary – This change needs to be revolutionary, in that it needs to be sourced by something different from its very roots

And that is why, pretty much everyone who dares to go on this journey of discovery comes to the same conclusions – Seeing it to the very tip of the splinter, no matter how spiky it gets – Pulling this out is what I believe to be the solution that is necessary here – If anyone can suggest other ways of how we can achieve a peaceful planet I really would love to hear what you have to say – I honestly would

“I doubt my mission for the Dark side – sir” CC image courtesy of Kristina Alexanderson – https://www.flickr.com/photos/kalexanderson/


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