A Helping Hand – if you are feeling alone in your Awakening

So, you’re going through your awakening, everything in your entire life is crumbling to the ground – it certainly is a point in your life when you could do with the support of friends and loved ones – But, oh what is this, they too have just run a mile – and ‘blimp!’ suddenly you are all alone, in the void of almightily nothingness – SHIT! – Shitty shit shit indeed

I know now, I can see very very clearly, how utterly beneficial this part is – From nothing we can completely grow – From solitude we have to learn to stand on our own two feet – From hell we want heaven more than ever – I guess I am still liking my wounds, forgiving, trying to move on – I have moved on, enormously, but there is still that part of me that hurts, that remembers just how immensly hard going it was, how all alone I felt at times

Its not anyones ‘fault’ – I did become a complete and utter mentalist, a right people repeller, a weirdo, a freak, a VERY different person from who I had been – I was heavy, negative, judgmental and fearful – It is hard to be around someone going through this shift and yet there will be times for them when that is all that they so desperately need – Just to be there, with no judgment, not trying to ‘work them out’ or advise – Just to sit next to them, hold their hand and tell them they are alright and that you love them – will do more for them that you can ever possibly imagine

Make them a cup of tea, make them laugh, make them feel slightly more normal – Better still help them to understand what it is they are going through, why it is happening and ways of dealing with it – Point them in the direction of this here amazing blog of mine! – and say ‘Look there’s another one like you! You’re not so alone in your way of being’

‘316 A Hand To Hold” CC image courtesy of Thomas Kristensen on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/thokree/


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