Peace and Happiness – How to welcome them in

There is a reason why these two words go so well together, because peace creates happiness – So why are so many of us still unable to find peace through denying ourselves this most precious action? – Because of our 3D programming and the negative connotations we attach to peace – Keep going, don’t stop, keep working – stopping is bad, keeping going is good – This is so ingrained into most of us that we do not even realize we are doing it – We know that stress is bad for us and yet so many of us find it very difficult to allow ourselves anything else

Far from being lazy, it takes effort to move into peace – To understand and overcome the guilt and fear drives that keep us going at The 3D pace

Part of the traits of moving down the dimensions are that they become increasingly more difficult, they take more time and more effort – They move at a faster pace – Part of the traits of moving up the dimensions is that they become easier, take less time and less effort – They move at a slower pace

Recognising and moving on from drama will also help us on our path towards peace and happiness – A part of creation is the orchestration of drama – When consciousness is at the point of the all encompassing whole, everything – duality cancels itself out into one, everything is also nothing, the void of all possibilities – In order for experience to be, there must be drama, a play to take part in – Opposing opinions, differences, difficulties –  The further up the dimensions, the more this is seen for what it is, an illusion – The 3D loves a bit of drama! This does not make it wrong or bad, simply the level of creation though drama that it exists within – If however, we wish to move on from this, we must allow ourselves to move on from drama to a certain extent – Into the peace and happiness that is waiting for us in 5D living

“The ultimate source of my mental happiness is my peace of mind” CC image courtesy of BK on Flickr


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