Why The 5D is Difficult to See with 3D Eyes

Feeling safe with what has been here for a long time, The 3D feels scared to even look at what might be coming, as if it is too much – So many people turn away before getting any understanding of it at all – If someone’s level of consciousness is small, this grand picture of reality just does not fit – Like a light that shines too brightly, we close our eyes – This is actually a physical occurrence of shifting into The 5D, our eyes adjust to be comfortable with looking at greater levels of light, a wider spectrum of reality

Many people who have near death experiences describe a really bright light, but that it somehow didn’t hurt their eyes – Our 3D eyes are tuned into a tiny frequency range of light, anything outside of this causes pain – Opening our 5D eyes does hurt, does take time and effort to adjust to, is quite a disturbing awakening to what is really going on here on Earth – But until we make the effort to do this we will be missing out on the benefits of opening our 5D eyes – The blessing that literally pour in when we are able to do this and the resulting transformation that takes place within ourselves and upon our planet

“Eye on you {explored}” CC image courtesy of thilo_m on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/thilli0207/


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