What is the General Consensus about The Shift in Consciousness?

One thing is for sure, that interest in it is growing – This focus is creative and encouraging others interest all the time – Something is happening and there is no denying that – There is an incredible amount of belief in this new way coming in for humanity and many many people are dedicating their lives to making sure this happens – Also, as many people well know, quite a transformation is needed in order to halt and reverse the effect of mankind upon Earth – It literally needs to be revolutionary – and that is exactly what it is set to be

Some say that it will take a lot longer than our present lifetime – I can see why this would be thought, evolution is usually a long slow step-by-step process – but that’s usually, what if we are presently in unusual times? – Everything is speeding up after all, our technology, our pace, why not the speed at which we evolve?

I remember my awakening happening just like this – No I wasn’t the worst person in the world, but I had a lot of unconscious behaviors that came to light, in a fairly fast and intense succession – I would say about once a month, but they were big and crushing – They just kept on coming and I just kept on dealing with them and moving on – If this can happen to me then this can happen to anyone – What if one by one we really are all receiving daily downloads that talk of a different way of being that hinder or bring to a complete halt unconscious behaviours

People have said – but what about the hippy movement that died a death? – The hippy movement had a profound impact that is still alive and kicking to this day – It gave people another option and even a name to give this new way of being – The hippy movement promoted peace, love and freedom, which is pretty much what the shift in consciousness is talking about – Coincidence? I don’t think so – The hippy movement was the ‘first expression’ of the new way, the first effect the in-poring of new energy had upon Earth

This interpretation of The Shift in Consciousness is my understanding, the conclusions I have come to after many years of research into this subject – Why not take a look for yourself at what people are saying on the internet and make your own mind up about it all…..

“People” CC image courtesy of Stefano Montagner on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/stemonx/


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