Little Signs – That I Receive and Follow….

A little speck of ultra violet light –

Usually appearing as I am contemplating something, or if another is saying something – It appears around a meter from me, or over the others head, as they are saying the ‘thing’ of significance, or if I am thinking something about them – They can appear at any time in any place, I do not ‘make them’ happen – They have become much stronger and clearer since I have been paying more attention to them and trusting in their guidance

A very clear Yes or No – 

In my mind – The strength of the image depending on the importance of the insight/question I am holding – The clearest, biggest and most embellished ‘YES!!!!!’ I got was when I was contemplating my communication with my spirit guide Elaya from Andromeda – I thought to myself, ‘Oh does that mean I came from Andromeda then?” It was like a fanfare explosion party of a YES!!!!! Lights flashing, celebrations, dancing – A very distinct feeling of ‘Oh, yes, at long last she finally realised….’

I also ‘use’ this for making dections in everyday life – The ‘yes or no’ is immediate, clear and I absolutely know it comes from a place of great love – So I trust it completely


Not every dream has a message, or is able to be translated into something that is useful – But there are defiantly lots that we can gain guidance from – Many many many insights into what is going on outside of our conscious awareness – As Freud said ‘Dreams are the royal road to the subconscious’ – Things I am doing that I should no longer be, answers to frustrations, a way of seeing things that helps for better understanding and acceptance – Also, other timelines of experience, had I made different choices along the way, what the pros and cons are, what the experience of this other choice would be like – As well as memories of experiences from higher dimensional places

Intuition – 

Just going with feeling for absolutely everything – Sometimes the intuition is more detailed, information that I did not know about someone, about the future, etc – But more often than not its a case of – Does it feel right? Yes? Okay, go for it then!

A little after note –

As I was contemplating the ‘YES’ I received from Andromeda, wondering how revealing that about myself would be received – I saw THREE ultra violet specks of light! – The first time that’s happened! – I guess it was telling me to be brave, be honest and open with all I am, what truly I understand myself to be in this reality, no matter what reaction that gets – So, these little signs really are very much worth their weight in gold – When we accept them and follow them, they lead us towards nothing but the most magnificent, authentic version of the self – that is available to all of us at this time of great transition!

“Light of hope” CC image courtesy of Santhosh Janardhanan


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