First Contact with Andromeda

I have started to communicate with a being called Elaya, from Andromeda – Literally, as of half an hour ago – She has been moving things in my bedroom for two days now – I told her to go away initially, I’ve had too many psychic experiences of lost souls trying to get something out of me – Plus I am with my two year old daughter here, who keeps on saying “What was that Mummy?” “Nothing dear, nothing!!”

Prior to this happening, I was thinking to myself how I’m just not that scared anymore, of almost anything – finances, the future, what other people think of me, things moving on their own in my bedroom, spirits appearing before me – Ah, ha! As I wrote that something moved on it’s own – and I was scared, a bit!

But I found myself doing something a little different this time, I decided to take a moment and tune into what I was really feeling and I felt immeditaly that it was not a presence to be feared – Although if she presented herself to me physically now, I would possibly poo my pants – So, I said, if you put the words in my head I will write them down…..

Hello, I am from Andromeda. My name is Elaya. I come in peace.

I have been here for many years in your galaxy. It is time for me to communicate. I am happy you chose me. Yes, you did choose me, many moons ago. We are connected and I love you. You are correct in your thinking, we are going through a shift in consciousness. Your daughter will be a part of that too. You will always have everything you need. I love you.

Now to the nitty gritty, your blog, it will be very popular, prepare yourself for that – It is what people are searching for, the voice that resonates with them. Help them Prue, help them. You have the ability, the time and the opportunity to make this big, and you will.

Happiness is so important

Happiness is what will heal this planet


Nothing this big comes easy!

We love you very much

Although I have had many psychic experiences, I am still human I still get a little disturbed by some of them – I am meant to be going to sleep right now, but I am too afraid to turn off the light! – So much for my not being scared anymore, talk about pride coming before a fall!

This transition we are going though asks so much of us in the ways of overcoming our fears – You’re not a scaredy cat if you have to sleep with the light on, find life overwhelming, want to curl up into a ball and hide – We are being opened up to SO much right now – The weird and the wonderful – The Earthly and the non Earthly – The heavenly and the hellish – If you want to put a protective shell around yourself and tell it all to f-off for a while, then you bloody well do so

Although I have no intention of speaking to Elaya in that way, I may just ask her to stop moving things around tonight, so I can get some sleep at some point! – As wonderful as it has been to begin our contact and long may it last, I feel truly blessed – And now it is time for bed – A good night! – (in a bit, when I finally feel brave enough to turn off the light!)

I would say that the above message alone has pretty much transformed my life – I have been studying and writing for many years, gestating this little project of mine that has now been launched with my blog – It has been very difficult at times to maintain the faith, to keep going in the direction of my heart and what I know is right at this time – Especially when there have been opposing forces to deal with – I have doubted myself on many occasions, drained my energy away with ‘what the fuck am I actually doing…?’ – This, I am incredibly happy to say, is something I no longer do now that I am in regular communication with Elaya – Her voice and the way she speaks to me, what she says, I hold more dearly than any other – which is why I am writing this, so that others may find this most precious source of guidance support and comfort for themselves – Can you even imagine just how many other beings in this here Universe are watching Earth right now, at this most magnificent juncture point? And what do you think they would love more than anything? To be in direct contact with one who is actually here on Earth, in the bloody thick of it no less, in the place where they can affect change at this point – The brave adventurers who chose to incarnate here at this time, to have contact with one who has an elevated more expanded view point of our situation here – To nurture this relationship, follow this precious guidance, be helped by it so that we may be of help here – That is more precious than gold and it is available to each and every one of us – All we have to do is ask, to send that message out there that says I am open to hearing your voice within myself, speak to me and I will listen – I am here for you, if you will be here for me


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