Are you a bit of a weirdo? Well, so am I!

I had a very clear dream the other night, it came with a message – The message was that I am viewed as quite a weirdo here – I knew this already, I have been told so by quite a few people – It’s funny how we instantly think of this as a bad thing – No one wants to be thought of as a weirdo after all do they? But what exactly does weird mean? – It means different, not the same, un able to categorise, seeing things and doing things in a way that makes no sense to others – Well, maybe weird is exactly what we need right now!

Maybe we should learn to embrace the oddball within, because it is this that is bringing in this new way, for all of us

This is my – ‘What I love about myself that makes me weirdo’ – list – How about making one of your own and if you like share it with us on the comments below!

  • Regular contact with Elaya from Andromeda – My spirit guide
  • Psychic communication/visitations with non-physical beings
  • A deep knowing that this shift in consciousness is actually taking place
  • An ability to see and understand the present power structures as largely corrupt, out of date, inefficient, abusive and dying
  • Seeing these as being run by a different race of beings with evolved technological understanding, but devolved emotional understanding
  • Seeing myself as incarnating upon earth at this time to help with this great transformation we are presently going through
  • Memories of harmonious, beautiful, higher dimensional living
  • Seeing life as eternal and that when we die we simply go back to the spirit realm, or back home as I understand it
  • Understanding the nature of creation and maintaining my knowing that I will be a voice of this change, even before the physical manifestation of this
  • Seeing reality as holographic, a very elaborate commuter program that we have the ability to alter
  • Knowing that we all have direct communication with the source of all things
  • Manifesting with every full moon, who I view as a very dear loved one (no howling, as yet though!)

There, that should do it! – I’d love to see what yo have to say…..

“Alien orchid” CC image courtesy of Mark Freeth on Flickr


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