Agree we are at a Planetary Crisis Point? Have no idea what to do about it? Then read on….

Because there is SO much you can do about it – In-fact, this crisis point is here for that exact reason, to show us exactly how empowered we are to create this change – If we didn’t need to evolve, we generally wouldn’t, there would be no point – The two go hand in hand – Our crisis is bringing forth our awakening – So what are we waking up to and how is this going to help our current situation here?

Our powers of creation

The heart, the mind are the forerunners that lead to our creation at the physical level – If we are making our movements at the physical level alone, with little awareness of the impact of what we are holding in our mind and hearts we will be putting in a LOT of effort, for not as much return – The result is ‘I am working so hard just to keep myself going, I have no time for anything else!’ – It is when we turn our attention to the deeper levels of creation that we find our true power source – We are truly powerful creators when we fully believe in our ability to be so – We are at the level that allows us to affect change BIG TIME across the entire Globe, when we do this en masse we will see great changes take place on our planet

Our ability to help

Leading on nicely from the above – when we hold in our hearts love for All and we hold in our mind the new way that is arising, we find that we are able to move on from caring solely from ourselves out into caring for our planet and all upon her – Releasing our fears for ourselves, we are able to move our focus outwards as we are no longer attracting fearful situations towards ourselves that need to be dealt with, no matter how subtle this may be – Releasing our fears for our planet, we are able to turn our focus towards the solution that is so needed at this time – Researching all that is now possible with the new information that has come to light, putting this into practice to help bring forth this change, inspiring others towards the same with our actions and our words

Our right to freedom

The 3D has many structures in place that hold us into a certain level of experience and stop us from experiencing the more expanded level – This is how the dimensions of reality work, layered like an onion – The lower, more dense, constricted dimensions exist at the centre – As we move outward we experience an expansion, greater levels of freedom and an increase in our powers – As we put the afore mentioned powers into practice we will naturally find our realities opening out into something new – with the freedom to follow what it truly right for ourselves at this time of great transition – Creating the changes we wish to see in our own lives first – and then seeing the ripple effect this has across the entire planet

“SuperLeo (boy of steel)” CC image courtesy of AP Photographie on Flickr


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