If you can, laugh! – Through this Experience of Awakening

I remember laughing with a dear friend of mine at just what a state you can get into during your awakening – I owned a shoe shop during a particularly fierce part of mine, beautiful high heels from Milan – Oh lovely! – Unfortunately the day it opened was also the day I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life– Oh dear! – I wanted out, but that was not possible straight away, so I was stuck there for sometime – Barely any customers ever came in, so all there was for me to do was look up lots of weird shit on the internet – I was having a psychic awakening at the time, going through my Saturn Return and generally watching wide eyed as yet another part of my life came crashing down around myself

Looking into what the fuck was going on became quite an obsession of mine – If any customers did accidently venture in, they didn’t stay too long – We said that one day my friend would come visit and find that I’d managed to somehow spin myself a little web and was now living in the top corner of my shop – Little Spider Prudence, happily cocooned away, catching the occasional fly – Life was good! – In comparison to the reality, it actually wouldn’t have been a bad place to be

If you don’t feel completely bonkers at times when going though your awakening, then you are probably not going though your awakening – If you feel like a little spider, who would like to live in the corner of the room, with a little web spun around yourself – then you let your eight little legs carry you there – or whatever it is you find yourself wanting to do on this weird and wonderful journey we are on – I for one, wont judge you for it

 “Amazing Laughter” CC image Courtesy of Matthew Grapengieser on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/33237881@N08/


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