Recognizing and Moving on from Guilt – Into our 5D Selves

Guilt is a choice – It knocks at the door and says “Me again, something ‘bad’ has happened and I am what arrives at this point, so let me in and I’ll make myself comfortable” – More often than not, the door is already open, in guilt walks as if we have no choice – “This is the correct reaction of the good person” it says as it settles itself in – Who are we to shut the door in its face? Are we stating that this ‘bad’ thing is actually okay?

Yes, that is exactly what we are saying – That we are acting out our role in creation and all that happens within that is exactly as it is meant to be – If there is truly a lesson of value to be learned, then guilt will no doubt be unavoidable – In this case, learn the lesson, apologise and work tirelessly to heal the situation – If however, we are creating guilt as a ‘usual’ reaction, we may find it not only unnecessary, but actually incredibly damaging to ourselves

The 3D mind just loves a bit of guilt – Why? – Because it is contained within our 3D programming – In The 3D there are certain ‘rules’ to follow – If you do this, you should feel like that – if that happens, this is how you should view yourself – and so on – Guilt often arises because we do not have the full picture, we cannot see that some things are ‘just so’ as they are meant to be, that there are other more expanded ways of being, of seeing things – So a reaction of guilt is stunted

This is so often expected of us, from so many things that happen, or don’t happen in our lives – Rather than allowing for an elevated view of a situation, guilt, with its heavy low vibration, takes us to the other end, closes our eyes and limits our perspective – We think that everything is our ‘fault’, we are unable to see the grander picture of creation unfolding – Everything becomes personal, rather than universal – We remain small and stuck in The 3D

Guilt takes a lot of energy, it is a heavy burden to carry around – If we are doing this simply because it is expected of us, then we are doing ourselves a massive injustice – If we wish to step into our 5D selves, then we must allow ourselves to step out of the current box of ‘what we are supposed to feel badly about’ – One of the greatest things we can do for ourselves and our planet at this time, is overcome our 3D guilt programming

“Sad Pfannkuchen” CC image courtesy of Sumit Kumar on Flickr


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