Looking Back from The Future – our view of Mental Health Issues

We’ll probably look back at these times and say – Oh my God, I can’t believe we were still drugging mental health issues, using plastic packaging, farming animals in such barbaric ways, allowing such a load of mentalists to control us to such an extent – Wow-wee, what a load of dicks we were!

It makes me think of olden day remedies for mental health issues – get the drill out and make a hole in someones head, only way to let all that evil out! – I remember being in a museum and seeing a skull that had more than one of these wounds inflicted upon it, the poor soul – I’m sure he felt much better for it all though, no pain, no gain, right! – I couldn’t help but laugh a bit – Who’s the one with mental health issues again? The one with the gaping hole in his head, or the one who just drilled it?

I imagine in the future in a museum, a wild eyed doctor shaking a packet of pills and some poor sod – Just look at what we used to do back then! Think you’re self lucky that you didn’t grow up in that era sonny boy! – I know you probably think I’m over reacting, but old head driller would have probably thought the same back then

I’m sorry, I really don’t mean to sound disrespectful – Some of my most favourite people in the world have taken medication to help them through difficult times and it has worked very well for them – I just wish we were more ‘expansive’ in our view of mental heath issues – Found more natural ways of dealing with them, a greater understanding of why they are there – Rather than to just drug them out of our awareness, use them as a sign for change, that something is opening up and how to see that as a blessing, rather than a curse – if at all possible

I spent some time with teenagers who had a few issues going on – At mid-day, all their mobile phone alarms would go off, they would get a packet of pills out of their pocket and pop one in their mouths, as I stood their open mouthed too – I spoke to one of them about his condition he told me he has night terrors and visions – Exactly like me then – I said to him does he think he might be psychic and he said yes – So I told him a few techniques, get in fetal position with your arms folded across your chest and don’t sleep on you back, this leaves the chest open and exposed – To this day I do not sleep on my back after many, many unwanted visitations and attacks in the night – I also told him to bare in mind that as he was in physical form he was stronger than anything in spirit from, or to believe so at the very least – Did his doctor not tell him this? No his doctor was sending him off for another brain scan

I know we are all doing our best here, I really do – but maybe the time has come for our best to get, well better!

“Don’t look Back” CC image courtesy of Vincepal on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/vincepal/


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