Striking that Successful Balance in Life – Top 5 Tips!

Physical and Spiritual – 

Now these two are not exclusive of each other, its just a question of how much we are influenced by each one – Where we seek our comfort, security and guidance from and how this affects our lives – When we focus too much on the physical world we may find that we have lots of shiny new things around ourselves, but as my friend often puts it these ‘trappings’ certainly come at a price – If we focus too much on the spiritual we may find it difficult to exist here too, we are in the physical realm after all and floating off into fairy land often results in a bump back down to Earth! – Finding a healthy balance between the two, considering our own needs from each of these areas and allowing them in our lives, by welcoming it all in – There is nothing wrong with having both physical and spiritual abundance in our lives, in fact, that is exactly what we should be heading towards with this shift in our conscious awareness

So many people on the spiritual path shun materialism as ‘lower’ only to find themselves seriously struggling along – and at the other end of the scale, with so much based in materialism – our image of success, security, respect, joy – its no wonder many of us went into overdrive to gather all we could – So, its about finding the balance – Maybe dropping the standards for a while in the material realm can see the standards of living improve dramatically in the spiritual realm – If you can be happy with second hand, homemade, old, broken, less and even not there at all for a while  – and are able to take this time to look beyond the physical level and how to create in a way that is in deeper alignment to how you would really like to live –  You will find, over and over again, that life will bring you exactly what you need – You will be very much supported on this path of awakening

Ownership and Non-Ownership – 

Its not ours, none of it is, this becomes very clear when we die – This reality and all of the things in it are temporary and belong to no one, ownership of it has lead to the greatest cause of suffering upon this planet – for the ones that own as well as the ones who don’t – Ownership is attachment, so what ever it is we own will hold us to a certain degree, will take our energy and effort to maintain – It can also bring a lot of blessing its true – Its all about finding balance, just how much do we want to own and just how attached to it we are – I presently own very little and this allows me a great deal of freedom – But thats not to say that the day won’t come when I do decide to own more – For me its just a question of getting it in the right order of importance and seeing it for what it is

Doing and Non Doing – 

This one has a major affect on our realities and is probably one of the most difficult to master – We couldn’t be more individual in this area, some of us have come here to affect great change, whilst others have come here simply to be at peace – Finding our own balance of this leads to many many benefits – If we are doing too much we find that life passes us by at such a rate we wonder where it all went – Life becomes stressful and unenjoyably and just full of things that need to be done – Modern life, with all of its conveniences is no more peaceful, it has just given us the option of adding more in – It’s when we keep on adding, not realizing how much effort this takes, that we accidently slip into the never ending act of doing – Knowing when to say ‘Good enough is good enough’ (thanks Mum for my fave quote) and stop! For a while anyway – Some people can come to stillness for long periods of time Ekhart Tolle hung out on park benches for a couple of years after his sudden spontaneous awakening – Feeling absolutely no need to do anything, describing this as blissful – But this obviously came to an end as he went on to write (one of my favorite) books along with many other lines of work – So its about finding our own balance and listening to our own rhythm – I take many months out at a time from writing, if it doesn’t feel right then I just stop – Then when it does feel right, I go full at it – We have come to feel guilty for allowing ourselves this way of being – but for me at least, not only is this imperative to happy living it also creates some of my best work!

Others and The self – 

This too is very rewarding when the right balance is struck – Many of us have come here to help with the crisis point we find ourselves at – When we fully realize this role within ourselves its really easy to go into self sacrifice – We may start feeling guilty for past selfish ego behaviors and go into overdrive helping as a way to relieve the guilt, as I found myself doing – Or we may see ‘the cause’ as over and above our own needs, leading to the neglect of our own happiness, as I also did – What a mistake-a to make-a! – but quite a common one when on the path of awakening – If you want to help then you must look after yourself, as any reputable therapeutic teacher will tell you – If you are stressed, tired and miserable you’re not going to be representing the new way of peace, empowerment and happiness, not at all – Be this by taking as much time as you need out for yourself – Kiss guilt goodbye, kick fear up the ass – and be so kind to yourself that you find you are the best for others you can be – Then when you feel ready to help it is done with a light heart, undertaken as a blessing that is enjoyable (most of the time!) and you will see just how true it is that everything you put out there comes right back to you – Your support of humanity and Earth will see humanity and Earth supporting you – YAY! What an absolutely fan-bloody-tastic gift that is!

“Finding balance” CC image courtesy of Kristina Alexanderson on Flickr


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