The Problem Solution Era we have entered into – and why is get so misunderstood

We don’t like to see the problem, it feels uncomfortable, it asks us to change, to put in the effort to see the bigger picture – So we say – ‘Why are you being so negative, what an awful view of the world you have! Don’t say anything else, I do not wish to hear it’ – So the bringer of the new awareness is made to feel bad and as if they are making big mistake

‘Everything is absolutely fine as far as I’m concerned, please do not disrupt my reality’ – This may, on the surface, seem to be a more positive attitude towards reality – Acceptance of ‘What Is’ is a spiritual teaching after all, which leads to peace – true – But what if we do accept the negative as a part of this present time we have entered into – Only we do not see accepting this as a ‘bad’ thing, merely as seeing more of this picture – Opening up to the full levels of darkness that are upon our planet, so we can move away from it and work to open up to the full levels of light here – If we think everything is fine as it is we will be missing out on a most precious opportunity – Understanding the negativity here allows us to understand why things are the way they are on Earth – and more importantly, gives us the option for changing it

The benefits of creating a problem – What we believe in and focus upon is creative – so why on Earth would we wish to believe that many of our current systems are corrupt? -This is the understandable attitude of many who feel that this way of thinking is of the unwell mind – Those who state that there is no problem, often arising from the individual who is doing okay for themselves here – The advantages of this way of being benefit the individual, the disadvantages are what happens to the many – If we refuse to see that there is a problem here, we will not be seeking a solution

Solutions arise from problems – If we choose to channel all of our focus into the problem here we will also fall short of all that is available to us at this time – Many take the first step and than fail to take the second, remaining with the problem, believing that to the be solution – Then there are those who fortunately see the problem and then sought to discover the solution – THIS is when the problem becomes a solution – Researching, putting into practice, spreading the word – and actively creating the next level of reality that is now available to us here on Earth

“Problem, Solution, Result….” CC image courtesy of Duncan C in Flickr


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